Bovanenkovo – 2017

A new labor season started at Bovanenkovo oil, gas and condensate field on July 9. This year 345 students from 16 regions of Russia got an invitation from SGC and came to the trans-regional students’ construction project.

The flags were run up, congratulations from the management of SGC and Central Russian construction brigades headquarters were announced. All brigades showed their presentations and received memorable pennons.

Head of the Bovanenkovo project of Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy Sergey Titov addressed to students: ‘When I was young, at Soviet period, legendary constructions of Yamburg, Surgut and Novy Urengoy had been thundering. At that moment students brigades had also been working there. I’m very glad, that in New Russia the tradition was reborn, and you are here, at Yamal peninsula. I’m sure that you will remember this with pride for having invested your efforts in this ambitious project. Congratulations on the beginning of the new students’ labor season!’

Under the guidance of Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy specialists, students will be working on improving areas of gas facilities, that means technical and biological reclamation, geomaterials securing, foundation preparation and flagstone laying, pavement stones installation. Some students will be involved in geodesic works.

‘At Bovanenkovo there are people who not only want to earn money and to find a place to spend summer, but those who are searching for an opportunity to show themselves and to figure out their future job. There is no such construction site as a northern one from the point of view of toughening up. Being far from home, internet and all commodities you got used to, you clearly see your contribution and realize the way you’ve grown up psychologically. You come home being another person’, said the head of Druzhba trans-regional construction project Vladimir Yumashev.

The results of Bovanenkovo-2017 will be summed up at the end of August. 



Bovanenkovo – 2017
Solemn opening ceremony of Inter-regional students’ construction site took place.