Life and health of employees are our priorities

Stroygazconsulting awarded the best companies in labor safety.

2017 was announced the Year of Labor Safety. More than 40 events aimed at implementing safe production culture and avoiding accidents at working places were held in companies, involved in Stroygazconsulting’s construction projects. The year was finished with ‘The best company in labor safety’ competition, in which 12 companies took part.

Competitors were assessed by a number of criteria, such as injury rate and accidents severity indexes, presence and amount of sanctions, complying with orders regarding violations, equipment of labor safety services, sufficiency of personal protective equipment, expenses at labor safety and performance discipline. As a result, SGC-4, SGC-GSM and SGC-Mekhanizatsiya were acknowledged as the best.

‘In 2017 great work was fulfilled in order to develop an effective labor safety system. We approved a program for 3 years, formed divisions, responsible for this direction, in every production and service company, developed procedure of on-the-spot informing regarding accidents. We paid special attention to injuries preventive measures, following the principle ‘to prevent and not to investigate’. Now quarter key performance indicators of managers include injury data, and annual – forming the effective labor safety system. Life and health of employees are considered as ultimate priority,’ mentioned Olga Zuykova, head of labor safety, industrial security and environment protection department of Stroygazconsulting.

As planned, in 2018 the system of preparation and knowledge assessment in the sphere of labor safety and industrial security of all employees, involved in Stroygazconsulting’s construction projects, will be updated, as well as independent audit of labor safety and re-attestation of specialists will be executed.