‘SGC cold games’

More than 350 people from 14 companies took part in corporate competitions in winter sports. This year the program of the III Complex Spartakiada Games included biathlon sprint, sport foxtrail and a relay ‘Mom, dad and I are a sporty family’.

Winter competitions took place on March 24 in Kavgolovo education and training center, where future biathlon and ski race champions are training. In spite of calendar spring, March in Saint Petersburg was the most frosty and snowy and, according to organizing committee, was the most suitable for holding ‘SGC cold games’. Spartakiada games were opened with a traditional march and parade of teams, flag raising and performance of jumpers. During the whole day sportsmen and numerous fans were not only participating in competitions, but also communicating to colleagues from different teams, having rest in café and tea houses as well as watching final fire show.

At the awarding ceremony the podium was taken by representatives of Stroygazconsulting, SGC-Mekhanizatsiya, SGC-Komplektatsiya and SGC-7. SGC-4 became the leader of medal ranking.

‘For me it was very easy to choose competitions in which I was going to participate, because as a pupil I used to go in for ski race professionally. The most part of my competitors are biathlon amateurs, but the race was a real pleasure for all of us, especially taking into account an opportunity to shoot from real rifles and feel ourselves biathlonists’, mentioned winner of women’s sprint, specialist of SGC-4 Marina Naimanova.

‘Foxtrail was a mystery for us. Brief descriptions of tasks didn’t reflect how entertaining and amusing it would be. The most memorable are football in double pants, shooting with bow and dragging a huge tire on a hill. Nobody participated just to show up, everybody did his best. We managed to win thanks to good mood!’ said the winner of the foxtrail, chief specialist of Stroygazconsulting Evgeny Simanovitch.

Next stages of the III Complex Spartakiada Games will be held in summer and in autumn 2018, amateurs of beach volleyball, indoor soccer and other popular sports will participate.



SGC III Complex Spartakiada Games
This year the program for the first time included biathlon sprint, sport foxtrail and a relay ‘Mom, dad and I are a sporty family’.