Gazprom’s 25th anniversary

On February 17, 1993 pursuant to the Russian Government’s Order Gazprom Gas Concern was reorganized into Russian Joint Stock Company Gazprom. This date marked the beginning of holding’s history – direct heritor of the Ministry of the gas industry of the USSR (Mingazprom).

Stroygazconsulting’s activity goes hand in hand with the main projects of Gazprom. Over 15 years SGC had been constructing Zapolyarnoye OGCF. There were other significant construction sites at Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug as well – Urengoyskoye, Yamburgskoye, Yubileynoye, Medvejye fields. 

In 2008 Gazprom started the construction of Yamal megaproject – development of a strategic gas production center at the Far North. Its core is Bovanenkovskoye OGCF, which is also being constructed by SGC.

The company played an important role in constructing pipeline route from the Polar Ural to Western Europe. These are ‘Bovanenkovo – Ukhta’, ‘Ukhta – Torzhok’, ‘Gryazovets – Vyborg’ pipelines. Stroygazconsulting’s specialists constructed Portovaya compressor station and on-shore section of Nord Stream, which transmits gas to Germany and neighboring countries.

The Power of Siberia trunkline is still being constructed in Eastern part of Russia. It is designed for providing consumers in Russian Far East as well as in China with gas. SGC is responsible for some extended sections at the trunkline.

‘We have created a gigantic gas production center in the Yamal Peninsula. Eastern Russia’s gas sector is taking shape as well. The bountiful riches of those regions will be the main sources of gas for consumers in Russia and abroad in the decades to come. We are linking the new gas production centers with consumers via cutting-edge, unique gas mains. We are rearranging gas flows for better efficiency and reliability. To that end, we are moving on from the obsolete central gas transmission corridor to the increasingly vital and high-tech northern route stretching from Yamal to the Gulf of Finland.

We are about to open a new chapter in the history of Russian pipeline gas exports. On December 20, 2019, we will start our first-ever gas supplies to China – the world’s most promising gas market. In the next 30 years, our eastern production centers will provide over 1 trillion cubic meters of gas to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline’, mentioned Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee in his congratulation speech on 25th anniversary.

Over 25 years Gazprom managed not only to preserve soviet heritage, but also to increase it greatly by laying the foundation for oil and gas industry development in XXI century. Thanks to this, the flagship of domestic power economy has become the world’s leader. Today Gazprom takes the first place in terms of natural gas reserves and production and has the most extended gas transmission system in the world.


Gazprom’s 25th anniversary
Stroygazconsulting’s activity goes hand in hand with its main projects.