‘The competitors were strong’

Companies, which take part in SGC’s projects, chose the best accountants and human resources specialists.

Professional skills competition ‘The best accountant’ finished on September 21 and ‘The best human resources specialist’ on September 29. 30 and 25 workers of Stroygazconsulting and 10 industrial and service companies participated.

‘Life is like this – when you stop, you are left behind. Such events are useful both for professional and personal development. Everyone who takes part in this competition is the best for me! We all know that our profession is not only transactions, debit and credit, it’s intuition, creativity, personal traits of character of a leader. I wish you good luck and will be cheering for you!’ addressed the Chief accountant of Stroygazconsulting Larisa Verenikina to the competitors.

Contest included individual testing and cases, team presentation and creative performance. As a result, Stroygazconsulting team (Olga Bespalova, Olga Dementieva, Irina Surina) was acknowledged as ‘The best accountant’. Individual podium was gained by the head of accounting and reporting department of SGC-GSM Lyudmila Perepelitsa. The first prizes of ‘The best human resources specialist’ competition were achieved by SanGviniKi (Natalia Mashkova from SGC-8, Anna Kerro from Stroygazconsulting) and HR specialist from SGC-4 Daria Simushina.

In November 2017 the relay will be continued by secretaries and personal assistants as well as by safety protection specialists.


‘The best accountant’
Stroygazconsulting team was acknowledged as the best in the contest.
‘The best human resources specialist’
The contest was divided in three stages: testing, practical case and creative task.