Corporate Spartakiada Games are over

More than 300 employees of SGC took part in the final stage of the event. Volleyball, indoor soccer, table tennis, darts and chess competitions were held on November 11 in sports center ‘Factory of football’.

The second complex Spartakiada Games have been taking place during the whole 2017 and consisted of three stages – winter and summer sports as well as the most popular sports, which are usually held indoors. 104 people competed in table tennis, darts and chess individual championship; and 15 teams from Stroygazconsulting, industrial and service companies were striving for victory in volleyball and indoor soccer. Competition lasted from morning to late evening simultaneously on different playgrounds. Sportsmen who dropped out from the competition, joined groups of fans and supported colleagues with cheers and clackers.

‘Earlier we took different medal places at corporate Spartakiada Games, but have never been acknowledged as the first. We have gathered together excellent football players, trained a lot, built our team and we finally made it. The victory was not easy to achieve, our competitors were very strong, we had to take some pains!’ said Alexey Sidorov, captain of Sparta team (Stroygazconsulting Situation Center).

‘I go in for darts not long ago, as an amateur. I simply wanted to win very much! What is important for darts player is self-command. To win you should keep your hand, have a goal and go towards it’ mentioned Igor Tolmachev, deputy director general for warehouse logistics of SGC-GSM.

As a result, most prizes of the Second Spartakiada Games were gained by Stroygazconsulting sportsmen (7 first, 4 second and 4 third prizes). Good performance was also shown by industrial and service companies, taking part in SGC construction projects. The best among them are Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, SGC-Mekhanizatsia and SGC-7.


The Second Spartakiada Games of SGC
More than 300 people from 17 companies took part in final stage.