In honor of the Victory Day

An exhibition of employees’ family archives to open in SGC’s main office.

It consists of medals, commendation lists, photos, travel order cards and letters related to the Great Patriotic War. One of the most valuable historical sources is original copy of ‘Pravda’ newspaper from May 9, 1945. The collection of post stamps of that period includes a unique one ‘The medal of Victory’. It was printed in advance, and the much awaited date was added with a mark.

‘This idea began from the newspaper, as I had stamps before that. When I saw the ‘Pravda’ from May 9, 1945 at the auction, everything was clear. It’s good to remember our grandparents and great grandparents and to ask yourself ‘What is left on my end?’ We all move, something is being lost, something becomes improper, as paper intends to molder. We should remember our roots, until it is too late,’ says a collector, a member of initiative group of the exhibition, Vitaly Smykov.

The exhibition ‘Victory Day – a family’s archive’ will be open until May 10. Not only Stroygazconsulting’s employees, but also company’s guests can visit it.