‘This is a good training’

The first corporate brain ring competition took place at SGC. Twenty teams from eleven holding’s companies took part in the event.

A year ago Stroygazconsulting’s main office moved to Saint Petersburg, that is why history of the northern capital from Peter the Great’s time till nowadays became the competition’s main topic. Numerous questions were dedicated to heroic protection and Siege of Leningrad as well as to Petersburg in literature and art. The competition was moderated by Alexey Blinov, twofold owner of ‘Crystal owl' and the title of the best What? Where? When club’s captain.

‘Intellectual games are a very good training for teambuilding, leadership qualities and capability to work in tensed conditions. Insight, sparkle, invention, breakthrough – this is all about such competitions, it is good practice. The most important marker, I suppose, when nobody is indifferent. Today no one was uninterested, we saw how everybody cared about what was going on, was on the same page. This is the most important thing’, mentioned Alexey Blinov.

According to the moderator, he has primarily chosen quite complicated questions, but along the game he had to make them more perplexed cutting down some introductions. Teams were answering quickly and struggled for each score, the most artful were usually the luckiest, as everything depended on the button. As a result, the victory was gained by ‘Amusing regiment’; team (office infrastructure and operation department), the second place was taken by ‘ZPGS’ team (Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy) and ‘Inverted sonnet’ became the third winner (corporate communications division). Intellectual competitions will be held in SGC annually.


The first corporate brain ring
Twenty teams took part in the event.