‘SGC stands on this professions’

SGC announced winners of corporate professional skills competition. Second stage defined best operators and companies, which were awarded in team scoring.

This July SGC’s competition of welders and isolators took place. In August operators of heavy construction equipment and riggers entered the fray for ‘Best professional in construction and assembly works’ title. The second stage was held in Novy Urengoy. More than 30 participants competed simultaneously at number of locations. Part of contesters had been showing their mastership in operating machines, other had been exercising in rendering first aid and proving knowledge of regulatory, labor protection and industrial safety documents.

The most fascinating part of the second stage was executing tasks, such as moving helmets from pickets with a scoop, carrying buckets with water and even closing matchboxes. Professional actions of participants were not once interrupted by applause of colleagues and guests, presented at the ground, including representatives of  Novy Urengoy administration, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg, Gazprom dobycha Urengoy, Gazprom gaznadzor and other customers and partners.

‘What you are doing is top class, and we could make sure in it. We highly appreciate and respect your work. Welders, operators and riggers are professions, on which SGC stands. I want to thank all of you, people who helped you preparing to competitions, judges and quests. We will definitely meet at a contest, which is now traditional, once again’, addressed Deputy Director General for corporate and legal issues and personnel management Nadezhda Kreneva to participants of closing ceremony.

Winners of main nominations are as follows: ‘Digger operator’ Hamza Mambetov (SGC-1), ‘Pipe-layer operator’ Algimantas Urbanavichus (SGC-1), ‘Crane operator’ Rishat Zainullin (SGC-4), ‘Rigger’ Pavel Protopopov (Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy). Leaders of the first stage managed to maintain a status quo in team scoring: SGC-Welding technologies, SGC-1 and SGC-6.

All winners received medals, diplomas and valuable gifts. Challenge Cup ‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’ will be handled at the main ceremony, which will take place in Saint Petersburg prior to the Day of oil and gas industry workers.



‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’. Stage 2
The second stage of corporate professional skill competition solemnly started in Novy Urengoy.
Competition of diggers, pipe-layers and motor cranes’ operators
‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’ contest is going on.
The professional skills competition is over
Leaders of team scoring are as follows: SGC-1, SGC-Welding technologies and SGC-6. 34 people were awarded in personal nominations.