‘Everybody aims to win’

A contest of welding technologies had been taking place from July 24 to 28 at the SGC’s industrial personnel training center in Ukhta.

The event was held as part of corporate contest ‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’. Representatives of six industrial and service companies, such as SGC-Welding technologies, SGC-1, SGC-4, SGC-6, SHC-7 and Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, participated.

‘This year the number of participants was almost twice bigger, 32 people competed. We added two new nominations, which defined best isolators and welders of constructions. Previous contest proved to improve qualification of workers and to let them master new technologies. We see that every participant wishes to grow and achieve new heights in welding. Here everybody aims to win!’ said Director of welding and non-destructive testing department, the Chief Welder, Sergey Savchuk.

Competitions of welding technologies included theoretical and practical parts, as well as testing skills of rendering first aid and liquidating fire. As a result the youngest participant Valery Alferov (SGC-Welding technologies) achieved victory in 2 nominations at once – ‘Manual argon arc welding’ and ‘Welders of ready construction by graphical representation’. Mikhail Kholodilov (SGC-6) was awarded as the winner of ‘Manual arc welding’ nomination and Ivan Chernetsky (SGC-1) won the ‘Best welding engineer’ nomination. Andrey Yarushin, Alexey Romanov and Oleg Odintsov (SGC-Welding technologies) were named as the best isolation brigade.

‘These are my first competitions, so emotions are overwhelming! The most extreme part was that I competed with very experienced welders and didn’t expect to beat them. I even didn’t count on such a result, but I had been preparing and training. I’m very glad to win!’ said Valery Alferov, welder of SGC-Welding technologies.

Transneft, NAKS regional North-Western inter-industrial evaluation center and NAKS PROM evaluation center, domestic producers of welding equipment and materials took part in events during the contest. The results of team scoring of the corporate contest ‘The best professional of construction and assembly works’ will be announced after the second stage ‘Mechanization’ will be over. It will be held from August 8 to 10 in Novy Urengoy.


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