SGC Chronicle


In 2017 ‘The main construction’ corporate newspaper appeared. On New Year’s Eve its second issue was released. The main article was devoted to the professional skills competition, in which 163 people from 17 companies, taking part in SGC construction projects, went into. Among other materials –interesting facts about Yakutia, results of construction brigades competition and an interview with Alexander Rosenbaum, who this year performed at Bovanenkovskoye OGCF for constructors.


A professional skills competition ‘The best secretary and personal assistant’ was held. 32 people participated, 14 of them entered final round. The competition included tasks, connected with documents, event management, company’s history and geography of its facilities, basic corporate ethics and business etiquette.
SGC second Spartakiada Games are over. They took place during the whole 2017 and were divided in 3 stages – winter and summer sports as well as the most popular sports games. More than 300 people from 17 companies participated. As a result of Spartakiada Games, the most part of prizes was gained by sportsmen from Stroygazconsulting. Among industrial and service companies Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy, SGC-Mekhanizatsia and SGC-7 were acknowledged as the best.


Bovanenkovskoye OGCF celebrated its first anniversary. October 23, 2012 is a date when high-priority facilities of gas processing plant №2 were launched. Stroygazconsulting started developing the field in 2007 and since then it has been one of the main construction sites for the company. By 2019 3 fields with total capacity of 115 billion cubic meters of gas per year will be put on-stream.


The professional skills competitions ‘The best accountant’ and ‘The best HR specialist’ took place at SGC. Workers of Stroygazconsulting and ten subsidiaries participated in the event. Contest included individual testing and cases, team presentation and creative performance.
The oil and gas industry workers day took place at SGC. Solemn events and awarding ceremonies of best workers and specialists dedicated to the holiday were held in Stroygazconsulting and subsidiaries.
On September 3 an event took place at the Bovanenkovskoye oil, gas and condensate field, where the most numerous construction team, Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy workers, have been congratulated. National artist Alexander Rosenbaum performed.


Facilities of the Bukhara Gas-Bearing Province – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty have been put onstream in Kyrgyzstan. The reconstruction allowed for increasing throughput almost twice – up to 3.9 bln cubic meters per year. Stroygazconsulting involved more than 400 experienced specialists and 156 units of equipment for the successful execution of the project. Construction and assembly works were held by SGC-Truboprovodstroy-7 Asia.
The corporate contest ‘The best professional in construction and assembly works’ is over. It was divided in two stages – welding technologies and machinery operators. More than 60 specialists participated, they presented six industrial and service companies. SGC-Welding technologies, SGC-1 and SGC-6 were awarded as the best ones in team scoring.


A new labor season started at Bovanenkovo oil, gas and condensate field on July 9. This year 345 students from 16 regions of Russia got an invitation from SGC and came to the trans-regional students’ construction project.
They have been working on technical and biological reclamation, geomaterials securing, foundation preparation and flagstone laying.


The first corporate brain ring competition took place at SGC. Twenty teams from eleven holding’s companies took part in the event.
The competition’s main topic was history of the northern capital from Peter the Great’s time till nowadays. The competition was moderated by Alexey Blinov, twofold owner of ‘Crystal owl' and the title of the best What? Where? When club’s captain.
SGC’s welders entered a Russian delegation for the international championship «2017 Shanghai “ArcCup” Competition» in the People’s Republic of China. SGC’s representatives will compete in the following categories: manual metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding.
SGC welders won the World championship «2017 Shanghai “ArcCup” Competition». Individual gold medal was gained by Dmitry Arkhipov, Linar Shaihinurov entered the final five. Moreover, both of them won the competition in team scoring, presenting Russia together with welders from other companies.


An exhibition of employees’ family archives was opened in SGC’s main office. It includes medals, commendation lists, photos and letters related to the Great Patriotic War. One of the most valuable historical sources is original copy of ‘Pravda’ newspaper from May 9, 1945, and the collection of post stamps of that period comprises a unique one ‘The medal of Victory’


2017 was announced as a Year of Occupational Safety in SGC by the Director General Stanislav Anikeev. More than forty events, aimed at labor safety protection, are planned. All holding’s companies will take part. The main goal is to achieve zero lack of accidents at working places.


The Second complex Spartakiada games of SGC Group of companies took place on March 4 at Kavgolovo training center. Sport amateurs will compete in various team and individual competitions during the whole year. The season was started by skiers, biathlon sportsmen and ‘snegatlon’ fans (a kind of winter relay race). The event was attended by 19 teams.


SGC’s welders took part in All-Russian competition ‘The best in profession’.
‘A national contest is an exam for both participants and for the company, as welded joints quality shows production culture. We hope that our team will show good results and will strive for a chance to represent Russia in international competition,’ mentioned the Director of welding and non-destructive testing department Sergey Savchuk.


New production capacities and the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta 2 gas trunkline, as well as oil pipeline Zapolyarye – Purpe, were launched on January 18 at the Bovanenkovo oil and gas condensate field. The Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexei Miller, Heads of subsidiaries and contractors took part in the solemn ceremony. The delegation of SGС was headed by the CEO of Stroygazconsulting Stanislav Anikeev.


The first corporate professional skills competition ‘SGC’s best welder’ took place at the industrial personnel training center in Ukhta. Five SGC’s subsidiaries have been examined in welding theory and practice. The best results were shown by Zapolyarpromgrazhdanstroy team. Numerous workshops and an exhibition of welding equipment and materials of domestic producers took place during the competition.
SGC’s Spartakiada Games, in which more than 250 people took part, occurred on December 1. The participants competed in five sports – volleyball, five-a-side, Ping-Pong, darts and chess.
‘Many SGC’s employees work in extreme weather conditions, at the facilities of Siberia and Far North, where it is essential to be strong and healthy. Moreover, Spartakiada Games aim to gather together, meet colleagues from other companies. This is the reason we develop corporate sport,’ noticed Nadezhda Kreneva, Deputy General Director for human resources management.
SGC is appointed as main contractor of constructing two sections of a gas pipeline Ukhta-Torzhok – 2.
SGC is enlarging its list of orders, notices Vitaly Kryukov, director of Small Letters in Vedomosti’s material. He concludes, that there are not so many contractors, which are able to deal with such projects.